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Starting New Family Traditions on This 2020 Thanksgiving Shouldn’t Be Hard

So Thanksgiving was four days away, out of nowhere I look at my husband and say
“I want to start new family traditions!”
Of course, he’s all in! “As long as you make your mom’s famous spaghetti” was his response. I won’t lie though it is delicious!

I had been thinking about Thanksgiving for a while, but never went for it. Was it because I was being lazy? Or because there’s already so much craziness with these four kids and now even more with homeschooling?
Honestly, I think it’s because I just didn’t know what to do! My husband and I didn’t have that tradition growing up. We came to the U.S. as children, and both, my parents and his brought many beautiful traditions from Mexico, but Thanksgiving wasn’t one of them.

When I was growing up, we never really did anything special for Thanksgiving, it was just another day. Sometimes my parents would even work that day.
As kids, my sister and I enjoyed it. Who wouldn’t? Fun for any kid; no school, watching tv, and probably eating junk food. Yet, going back to school and hearing what everyone did for Thanksgiving, or even worse, having to write about it? Not so fun!

Now, as a mom, it’s time to start my own traditions, my oldest child is 6 and it really got to me when she wasn’t the least bit excited for Thanksgiving. Can’t blame her a bit, of course! Even though I don’t know what I’m expecting, this is awesome because it’s MY family! I get to do it MY way. My kids will definitely be excited about Thanksgiving from this year on!

We’ve already agreed on what we’re going to eat, we might go on an early hike, we’re making “Thankful Trees.” On each leaf, the kiddos write something they are thankful for.
We started on Monday, we each made our own fall trees, with cardboard laying around the house, and in the mornings before school work we add two leaves each, if the girls want to do more, they can go ahead, usually, two is enough for them. I love seeing them think and blurt out what they’re thankful for!

We also already put up our Christmas tree last week, which is also different from my childhood, it was always put up later in December. I went for it this year! Why not? Seeing the girls’ faces light up as they pull out all the ornaments, and their accomplished looked at the end was priceless!
Plus it’s 2020, we could all use a little extra holiday cheer!

Our Elf on the Shelf is making a comeback on Thanksgiving, which will be a first, we always bring that peculiar little guy out until December. He’ll be bringing board games, which I plan on playing with the kiddos all morning…
We’ll see how that goes though, since these are just my expectations. And as we all know, toddlers and kids do not care about our expectations.

Is this the first Thanksgiving that you will be hosting? Newly married and got your own little family now? Awesome! I say let’s not stress about it. Let’s get ready to create many memories for our family, and not overthink it, after all, the day is all about being thankful, and there’s nothing we’re more thankful for than our family! Right!?

Hope everyone has a beautiful Thanksgiving!
I’d love to hear about your traditions! What are your favorites? Are you starting your own or carrying them down from your family? 2020 has been unpredictable, to say the least, yet there is always something to be grateful for!
Take a moment to think about what you are especially thankful for this year, and enjoy the special day with your loved ones!

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