Hello, I’m Carmen!
I’m 27 years old, maybe 28? I can’t seem to keep track nowadays, but I do know I’m not quite 30 yet!

I am married to the love of my life, we have 4 beautiful children. (Arielle 6, Natalie 4, Ivan 2, And “Baby-Baby” 10 months old.)
We live in North Carolina, in a house completely surrounded by woods, which for some weird reason, at first we thought it was a great idea.

Since daycare for 4 children is absurdly expensive, (and, okay, a bit scary leaving my kiddos with strangers) we decided I’d be a stay at home mom back in 2016, until our kiddos are school aged.
Now we are in the middle of a pandemic and we decided to homeschool, so I’ll be homeschooling for who knows how long?

Sharing my experiences, the beauty of motherhood, the not so beautiful, the lessons learned along the way, the never ending craziness and everything in between.

Hopefully, I make new friends along the way who can also relate, or at least get a laugh or two out of my blog.
So stop by and say hi, maybe even follow my IG!@hey_its_carmen
Can’t wait to meet ya!